LBC Update

Here is my final pre-computer drawing. The bottom of the brain needs some work. The hooks also need some love.  Dig?


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3 Responses to LBC Update

  1. You forgot to show how you’re breaking it up on the three panels. Yeah, you’re starting to get “Large” kinda… It’s more “Big” right now. Come on man…

  2. Isn’t the saying bigger is better? I don’t feel like there is much of a distinction between the two words. In fact I probably associate big with being larger. So to me it seems like you are suggesting to make it smaller. Ha you see how that’s confusing? Maybe I could like attach it to a helicopter or something. I’m not going to do that, but maybe the way I treat the background will help with whatever you’re trying to say. As for the panels, I’m waiting to get it in the computer to figure that out. Either the large/big/whatever panel on top and smaller panels on the bottom. OR big panel on the right small ones on the left.

  3. janeysoeem says:

    It reads as large to me. I can see it being split with the two smaller boxes on the left and the larger box on the right.

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