Da Update

The sketch I posted earlier was more of a tight sketch than an Idea proposal, so not much has changed here. I tweaked various things all over, but the biggest problem is that watering can guy. He deserves a special place in hell for not being able to hold a watering can with his stubby fingers. I’ve redone him several times and may end up giving him a garden hose before I’m done. Anyway expect to see bushes and stuff in the background later. Also the plant the guy is watering will be a different one. Coloring is quick and painless, so the real focus is on the linework, which I must perfect before ever moving to color. I have class all evening today so this is all I can get in before I have to go, but you get the idea. I may update it tonight as I get more done.



About zetareactor32

I am a lizard who is also a man. I draw too.
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6 Responses to Da Update

  1. janeysoeem says:

    What if the handle was different/larger or was on top of the can rather than the back?

    • Anonymous says:

      @Rainey Question: when you say no bleed do you mean that it cannot go beyond the boxes or that it cannot go to the edges of the boxes? I ask because I noticed a couple people were making boxes within boxes.

      • Anonymous is registered for this class so I won’t answer that question to them…

        No bleed means no ink past the borders given. (Bleed means extra ink for movement and crop adjustments on art.)

      • lizardman32 says:

        Lol, I forgot my password and was on a different computer. Yeah I thought that’s what you meant, I just saw a couple people seemed to have nested boxes.

  2. This is looking good. Interested to see how you leave it green without being greeeeeeeeen.

  3. I like your composition. Lends itself nicely to the panels. Excited to see how things look tomorrow am.

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