Astro Friends pt2

I changed my layout so it would read more as friends rather than space. So now their friends that just happen to be in space. They’re still kinda rough because I plan on creating this out of cut paper and pen and ink. I’ve also added a round boarder around each of the panels to prevent the images from bleeding.

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7 Responses to Astro Friends pt2

  1. The friendship aspect reads better in this version than the last and the simple shapes will hopefully lend themselves well to the cut paper aesthetic.

  2. lizardman32 says:

    Nice! I would make a decision to either move the rocket away from the edge or have it go more off though. Right now that that fire is feeling crammed to fit on the page. even if just the fire goes off that could work.

  3. Ya I agree shifting the top left one, up and to the right a bit is a good idea.

  4. Good pick up guys. Too tangent. Much better this round though. “Friend” show up much better. Can you try pressing on you pencil just a little harder? (I had the same problem in school.)

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