Rugby Roughs

So, since mine is a complicated, convoluted collision of crumpled bodies, I decided to build a few mock-ups using Garry’s Mod. This way I could draw the scrum and line-out formations without just bastardizing some dude’s photo off google. I can’t decide which scrum shot I like best though.

Speaking of Google Images, the rugby ball there is just a placeholder for a generic one I’ll draw in there.

I’m planning on doing this in all muddy, grimy colors right now, to embrace the sort of grit this sport has. But that could easily change to the clean, bright colors of the screenshots…


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3 Responses to Rugby Roughs

  1. Holy cow! 3D roughs? Well, I’d like to see some roughs… no wait, the next deadline is for tight sketches. Oh, and I don’t want to be sued by Gilbert for showing off there product in my office greeting area without permission so maybe you should “genericise” it a bit. Just a little concerned about the hand coming out of the girl’s side but I’ll guess you know that. But who else know’s that?

  2. ionhelen says:

    No worries – as I said, it’s just a placeholder for the sake of figuring out the composition. As to the 3d, it’s basically just a video game I can pose ragdolls in, so it’s less than precise with the hands. But it gives me a general feel for what I’m going to draw when I’m dealing with crowds like this.

    Any thoughts on which is the better composition?

  3. Wow, this is going to be a tough drawing! But, just like these images, I have plenty of Faith. I can see this being a piece with a lot of tension and excitement.

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