Friends 1st rough

My word was friend or friends and I came up with the idea for my client’s name to be Astro Friends. They would be a program or group which helps educate children about outer space. In my top left image, there’s an alien and astronaut kid floating happily in space. In the top right image is of an astronaut kid holding onto a shooting star while standing on a rocketship with an alien or astronaut inside. The bottom image has a few astronaut and alien kids poking their heads out of craters and waving happily.

I can work with the scale of the top two images to play with the composition so they don’t appear too similar.

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2 Responses to Friends 1st rough

  1. Well, I hate to say it but “space” comes to me long before “friend” does. And I do agree, the composition needs some tweaking. (adding the extra “friends” may help, we’ll see.

  2. This is fun, Janey. Reminds me of Adventure Time.

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