Large Brain Creative aka The L.B.C.

Okay so my computer has given me the middle finger twice now and this is the third and last time I’m going to be attempting this before I start blowing shit up… here is my initial sketch/illustration.

I tried rendering this on my iPad and I got pretty close to how I’d do it on the computer. However the concept… To take advantage of the separation in the piece I figured I’d split the brain up with the frontal lobe (is that the technical term? I don’t know. whatever.) on a smaller square. The main part of the brain will be on large piece.

I want to have something coming out of this opening in the brain. To give it something else and have it deal with communicating the largeness of the brain. I haven’t figured that out yet… people, art stuff, something that gives the brain some scale. Help? Comments? Demands?


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2 Responses to Large Brain Creative aka The L.B.C.

  1. Bang,
    I’m liking the color. Intense and in your face but it says “Brain” to me. I wanted to see “Large.” When I look at the final piece it needs to screem, “LARGE,” without actually reading the word.

  2. Hey, I like the color pallet! I don’t know why, but the garish hues and green brain-stem really work well here.

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