Antique Armaments

Matt Covington's Assignment one sketch

This time around I wanted to do something a bit different instead of the flat cartoony aesthetic used in Joel’s assignment. The mock company is one who would sell, as the title suggests, antique firearms from the 17-1800’s. The focus would be on the details in each of the different weapons and the aesthetics of the period clothing on each person. Each will be encapsulated in a round edged square/rectangle, rendered in water color with a subdued orange, purple, and blue-green color palette to deal with the assignment restriction of having no bleed. The lines will be polished beyond the roughness of the sketch, and there will be minute details to imply backgrounds, that would have been difficult to discern in a rough sketch like this. Any questions, comments, or concerns are welcome. I look forward to seeing the work everyone comes up with this time around.

Matt C.

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3 Responses to Antique Armaments

  1. I think I feel the sense of “Antique” here. I know that tighter drawing and color will make the biggest difference but I like the direction you’re heading in.

  2. Noice work, Cov. Reminds me of Kate Beaton, but better.

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