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So I am trying to work on this but other deadlines are quickly approaching. I hope that I can get it together in time…. Advertisements

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So… 15×10? Do we need the file to be original dimensions as on the paper and then scale them down when we print? or does the file need to be 15×10? + bleed 3/8 right?

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Rams- Second update

(At this point I’ve not tightened the details on the body much, just need some conformation on how to handle color and background.) Boosted the contrast, and tweaked the colors a bit. Fixed the rams logo on the field. Wanted … Continue reading

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#43 update

                                    Okay so I tried to deal with making him less caricaturish. Made his body more proportional, added a bit of color, and … Continue reading

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Celtics sketch 2

I don’t have a scanner at home so I had to use a photo of my sketch taken with photobooth. And I’m not able to get to a scanner because we’re having a ceremony at my house to give my … Continue reading

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TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL. No seriously, get in the car. We’re going.

I really want to punch myself for attempting this in a week. Anyway he’s mostly there, just need to finish rendering everything. The background is gonna stay how it is now. Scenery just looked stupid and cluttered the composition and … Continue reading

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LA Angels, take two

Okay, this still has problems but I have been looking at it for too long to know what they are. So, any comments? I redrew it from scratch after Monday’s update. Obviously, the wings are just placeholders, and I don’t … Continue reading

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