Job 1: “Threebie”



(There is no right side up)

You’ve been given one of the words on the list below to create three pieces.

(Large, Dog, Race, Green, Antique, Forest, Rugby, Friend.)

Client request: “We need you to illustrate the best characteristics of our favorite word that’s a part of our name.” (Come up with a name for the company.)

Friend, Green, Forest, Dog, Rugby, Antique, Large, or Race.

Format: Two 4” x 4” and one 4” x 8.25” (vert. or horiz.) for a square grouping. No bleed.

Due: March 25


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Teacher for less than a week now...
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One Response to Job 1: “Threebie”

  1. lucybelles says:

    still figuring this out so bare/bear(?) with me…. I want to post my most recent sketches for our project so that’s what I’ll be working on for now…

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